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Due to the nature of the capital markets in New Zealand and Australia, Tech Entrepreneurs will typically participate in two capital raising stages before the project is ready or adequately attractive to significant international Venture Capital/ Angel investing companies.

For an array of reasons, raising capital for Tech projects in New Zealand is quite challenging. For that reason it is very much in the interest of the Entrepreneur and Tech company to adequately prove commercial viability of the product or service in order to seek suitable capital outside of New Zealand.

Providing the investor is ‘Investor Ready’, meaning that they can demonstrate a live product or service, have an impressive Pitch and financial model and have a basic team, then it is quite feasible to raise sufficient capital within New Zealand or Australia to at least prove the feasibility of business and to demonstrate when adequately capitalised. The business can be scaled and propagated, securing capital in United States more likely to be in the vicinity of $5 - $10 million, therefore the business firstly needs to be at a size that deployment of such capital is a viable and worthwhile proposition.

So, realistically, when a project has exceptional scaleability, has proven concept and once the investor is actually ‘investor ready’ in my experience it is then time to present your polished deck to qualified American investment funds.

We specialise in:

  • Formulation of complete capital strategies - meaning that we will study the anticipated capital life-span of the company and reverse engineer a several step capital strategy.

  • Overseeing complete preparation of insuring the investor, insuring the project and product and oversee that the team are truly investor ready.

  • We assist you in overseeing development of quality, impressive Pitch documentation.

  • Pitch documentation and supporting documents.

  • We often assist in formulating strategy for distribution, compilation of the team and securing capital.

  • We can assist you in building a competent, driven team.

Are You Investor Ready?

  • You presently have clients and are transacting business

  • You have a product or service that is transacting business

  • You have an impressive Pitch and financial budgeting forecast

  • You have a complete capital strategy

  • You have a plan and know where you will be in two years and how you are going to get there

  • You have the support of a team who have complementary skills


Often entrepreneurs become fixated on capital and the raising of capital and often not actually ready to present their business proposition to experienced Venture Capitalists or Investors. It’s incredibly important to look at life from the view point of an Investor as opposed to the perspective of a Tech Entrepreneur. Investors tend to be looking for the same factors - drive and determination, a clear vision, an impressive pitch, a well-considered capital strategy, realistic business planning and financial forecasts, and perhaps above all, tenacity and skills to actually execute and deliver a financial return.

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