I have been involved in venture capital, financing and commercialisation of technology for approximately 25 years.  Whilst operating predominantly in New Zealand and Australia I have also conducted business in Russia, Romania and several other eastern bloc countries as well as the United Kingdom and the USA.

I have participated in Joint Ventures that have included the Bank of Reconstruction and Development as well as the World Bank.  In essence, both as a lender and facilitator, I have raised several billion of capital for a wide array of projects, industries and technologies.  I have owned an array of private companies and have been commercialising technology for approximately 20 years.  I’ve also been the principal shareholder and CEO of listed companies.

I am particularly passionate about the commercialisation of technology and all aspects that make up that challenging journey.

Passion and Interests

Like many things in life it’s all about timing, the right capital, the right technology and most importantly, the right people who are driven and adequately motivated.  In essence co-ordinating those factors is really what it’s all about, and what I’m particularly interested in is bringing about practical results taking concept to commercial reality.

As such I participate and orchestrate the following:

  • Raising of capital with a preference for equity,
  • The development of capitalisation, monetisation, strategies and implementation of the same
  • Investing in capital for significant technology projects
  • Litigation funding (and when things go wrong)


Over my 25 years in commerce I have met an extremely wide array of inventors, developers and geniuses from one extreme to another.

It would seem to me that many things in life do not change.  A great deal in life is about timing, people, capital and identifying technology solutions that fit in with social dynamics and demands.

Some of the fundamentals do not change just the People, Technology and Social Dynamics.

Please contact me for a no-obligation confidential discussion as to your requirements where I can potentially assist you.
Phone:  (09)  212 8444