I provide and facilitate capital in order to commercialise technology projects.

I invest capital and time in projects and people who justify capital and time.

Worthwhile projects require capital in order to take the project to fruition.

I can guide you with preparation of strategy papers and a business plan, including:

  • Preparation of a pitch (IM) and supporting documents
  • Identifying third party advisors such as accounting and legal; this team can really add value to your objectives and results, or greatly impede you, so choose wisely
  • Complete capitalisation strategies including Counter Dilution Strategies
  • Distribution Strategies - which are often the key to scale and ending the burn rate, developing strategies for multi levels of distribution and channels will have vast impacts on successful product releases, marketing and revenue streams.
  • Feasibility Assessments (The Acid Test)
  • Monetisation strategies; how to structure charges, when and how, from micro to organic via complex levels of distribution.  Effectively where, at multiple layers, to derive financial revenue streams.



The biggest challenge in commercialising technology and capitalising the same tends to be timing, social and technological, together with the agendas and capabilities of the entrepreneurs concerned.  However, in essence it’s all about the right people, the right technology at the right time.  Other than that, it’s about lining up a few stars; 99% of successful ventures have vastly depended on a well-considered Execution Plan and actual execution, which is where the majority of entrepreneurs falter. Accordingly, successful outcomes become an equilibrium of planning, research, a driven team, expert advice, well considered strategies and minute detail of execution.