Focus on guiding entrepreneurs with proven products and strong teams through the fundraising process. Often, the focus is on getting money, and not on understanding the principles of receiving capital.

Such requires a well thought out capitalisation plan which is often eschewed by entrepreneurs in the early stages, and usually leaves one investor owning a majority of a company, with little investment. There is a required strategy to execute proper anti-dilution mechanism for founders. My focus is on enabling capital to fuel growth and expansion toward this, not for it to ‘buy’ ownership of a company.

My network is extensive and includes many business people that have founded, built and scaled billion-dollar companies. I pride myself on presenting investable companies and entrepreneurs to them after some tweaking.



More often than not, start-ups are not governed in a way that optimises performance and decision making. Despite the best intentions and great experience, the reality is that time and energy is repeatedly wasted by startup CEOs and their directors.

My experience on the board of publicly listed companies, and in fundraising has taught me that focus is key. The board should serve to help with the strategy and leadership of the company. This requires a balance of reporting and not getting ‘bogged’ down on the minor points. I help guide the board and founders toward shared vision and align in high-stress ‘bet the company’ situations.




Every founder requires the support and backing to take their raw talent and turn themselves into an execution machine. Seeing through the fog allows founders to execute and I will let you know what matters and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, one most focus on the now, and remove all distractions. Detaching emotion is hard, but can be a powerful ally in navigating the torrent of negative feelings that startups can create.

With that right guidance, smart, entrepreneurs can become seasoned business people ready to scale multi-million to billion dollar businesses. The road is bumpy, and long, and one that with my experience, timing and execution I can make less circuitous.


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